The Alliance for Black Justice in Poland


The Alliance for Black Justice in Poland (BJP) is a coalition of organizations and informal groups that collectively advocate for Black, African, and Afro-descendent communities in Poland. We foster a sense of community and belonging through innovative programming, advocate for the civil and human rights of our communities, and provide direct support with access to housing, healthcare, and education, as well as material aid.

Our philosophy and approach

We strive to enact Black liberation not only as a vision of the future but as a daily practice in our work.
We follow the ideals of intersectional feminism and seek to work collectively with like-minded movements and allies.
We center Black women and LGBTQ+ communities in our work for Black liberation.
We recognize the diversity of Black communities in Poland and seek to lift each other up collectively.

What we do

We support the process of settling in Poland

Our Direct Support Team works to ensure access to legal advice, safe housing, healthcare, education and other basic services in Poland, as well as material aid for those in need.

BJP team members and our partners spread awareness about labor rights, 2023
Participants of a vigil in Warsaw to commemorate Maxwell Itoya, 2023

We educate and advocate for the civil and human rights of our communities

We develop innovative educational programs that encourage critical reflection about race, racial trauma, and racial justice in the Polish context. We advocate for our communities among the general public and relevant stakeholders.

We foster community and belonging

We organize regular events and activities that foster connections and friendships among Black, African and Afro-descendant communities in Poland. We believe in the transformative power of interpersonal relations.

BJP annual summer BBQ, 2022

Some of our recent events:

Support our work

We believe in the power of collective action.

The BJP works to ensure that Black, African and Afro-descendent people living in Poland are safe and secure in their civic and human rights, and able to develop their personal strengths and ambitions.

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